Calling All Fintech Companies and Fintech Startups… 2

Since the start of this year, i have unexpectedly had quite a few fintech companies contact me and ask if I could write a blog-post about them. It got me thinking, there must be other Fintech companies and Fintech startups that may be interested in getting their details out there. So, i have created a form that any interested fintech companies can complete, and using your submitted information i will create a blog post.

Fintech Companies Submissions – Some rules that spring to mind:

  • Fintech companies only (that is companies in the financial technology space) will be accepted
  • Any fintech company, large, small, old or new can submit any entry
  • I reserve the right to include, exclude, edit submissions as i see fit
  • No selling please, the intention here is to share details about your company
  • I may not be able to post your entries immediately, please be patient
  • Based on how things pan out, i may add to this list

Oh, and its free!

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Company Name

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What Do You Do?

What Are Your Objectives for 2017?

What Makes You Unique?

What Is Your Biggest Challenge?

Anything Else You'd Like To Share?

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